Root Canals in North Branch and Caro, MI
Root Canals in North Branch and Caro, MI

If you’re experiencing dental pain, it more than likely could be due to a decaying or infected tooth. Root canal therapy helps save the natural tooth.

How does a root canal therapy process work?

Your dentist will begin the procedure with an assessment of your teeth and gums. If the tooth can be saved with root canal therapy, your dentist will give an estimate on the number of appointments that may be required. During the treatment, the treated area will be numbed using a local anesthetic. Once the anesthetic kicks in, your dentist will begin by removing the infected pulp and thoroughly cleaning the root canal with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medication to minimize the risk of an infection developing. A filling is then used to seal the tooth, and a dental crown is added to protect it from any damage. Root canal therapy is usually successful, and the risk of an infection developing is minimal.

Is root canal therapy effective?

Root canal therapy works by treating the infection directly. This comes in the form of removing an infected pulp (a region in your tooth that contains tissues, nerves, and blood vessels) and getting rid of the infection using medication. This makes it a highly effective treatment, and the dentist near you will do their best to save a natural tooth whenever possible. Dental extractions should only be considered if the natural tooth cannot be saved.

Why is root canal therapy important?

Root canal therapy helps solve several dental issues and saves the natural tooth. It can help ease dental pain and eliminate any infection which may lead to more serious dental problems or the loss of your tooth.

Is root canal therapy painful?

Since root canal therapy treats an infection directly, the procedure is painless, and it is key in saving a tooth that would have otherwise needed to be removed. With modern technology, root canal therapy has become almost as painless as any other dental procedure.

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