Best Orthodontist in North Branch and Caro, MI
Best Orthodontist in North Branch and Caro, MI

Have you been thinking about getting the smile of your dreams, but you were not sure who could help you achieve it? Have any of your friends asked if you know an orthodontist near you? Thumbs Up Dental in North Branch and Caro, MI, is your one-stop shop for a perfect smile!

What is an orthodontist, and what is the difference between orthodontists and dentists?

An orthodontist is a registered dental care specialist who has had additional education and training after dental school. Their extra training focused exclusively on the movement of teeth, jawbones, and facial bones and how those bones develop.

On the other hand, a general dentist is a dental care professional who is more concerned about the overall health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. In other words, a dentist is more like a family doctor, but for dental disorders.

In many cases, both your orthodontist and dentist near you can collaborate to provide you with the best dental care possible.

Why would you need to visit an orthodontist?

Unfortunately, orthodontic problems don’t repair themselves. Some dental issues can be obvious to you, as in the case of misaligned teeth, while other problems might be undetectable by the eyes of non-professionals. That is why it is recommended that children see an orthodontist by the age of 7 to treat any underlying abnormality as early as possible.

What kind of dental problems need early intervention?

There are so many dental abnormalities that would make you look for dental offices which provide braces near you, Such as:

  • Underbites – the lower front teeth are in front of the upper teeth.
  • Crossbites – the upper teeth are inside of the lower ones
  • Unusually crowded teeth
  • Spaced teeth
  • Extra or missing teeth
  • Teeth that don’t meet at all

Fortunately, here at Thumbs Up Dental, we provide the finest solutions to all those dental issues in many different techniques, including providing the highest quality braces in North Branch and Caro, MI.

Contact our dental office near you at Thumbs Up Dental today and book your appointment with the best orthodontist in North Branch and Caro, MI.