Dentures in North Branch and Caro, MI
Dentures in North Branch and Caro, MI

Do you have missing teeth and require partial or full dentures? Visit our dental clinic to get yours made today. Thumbs Up Dental provides partials and full dentures in North Branch and Caro, MI.

What are partials or full dentures?

A partial or a full denture are artificial teeth that are used to replace missing teeth. Partials are typically made for people who can’t have a dental bridge made as there are not enough natural teeth left, and full dentures are made for people who have lost all their natural teeth. Both partials and full dentures are key in helping people restore their bite and fix any speech impairments caused by missing teeth. They are similar in the purpose they serve, and both are typically made from acrylic. In terms of longevity, partials and full dentures can last a person between 5 to 10 years, depending on how well they care for it.

Why should I get partial or full dentures?

Missing teeth can cause issues with your bite and will leave you with gaping spaces in your smile. Partials and full dentures are a great way to solve this issue. Modern partials and dentures are more comfortable and are designed to be worn throughout the day. Not only do they restore functionality to your mouth, but they are also made to look like your natural teeth, making you more confident about your smile.

What are the main differences between partials and full dentures?

While partials and full dentures are made for the same purpose, whether you choose to get either done will depend on how many natural teeth you have left. Full dentures will gently rest on top of your gums and are kept in place through a form of suction and may also require you to have a dental extraction. If you have a few natural teeth remaining, partials may be recommended as they generally won’t need additional dental extractions and are held in place with metal clasps. Regarding how long the procedures will take, partials are typically faster and will cost less than full dentures.

Do you want to have partials or full dentures made? Get in touch with us at Thumbs Up Dental to schedule your appointment at our dental clinic today.