Dental Crowns in North Branch and Caro, MI
Dental Crowns in North Branch and Caro, MI

Dental crowns are used in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to help protect your tooth from further damage. If you’re looking for quality dental crowns at affordable prices, look no further than Thumbs Up Dental.

Why is a dental crown important?

While a dental crown can be used for various reasons, it’s typically used to repair a broken or chipped tooth. It is also often used in dental implants as a dental cap to protect the tooth from being damaged. Dental crowns are typically made from either porcelain or ceramic, which will better blend in with the natural teeth. However, metal alloys may also be used to make dental crowns for molars as they are more durable.

How does a dental crown procedure work?

A tiny portion of your tooth’s surface will be removed to make space for the crown. Your dentist will make an imprint of your teeth, which will be used to create a mold. This mold is used to produce your dental crown, and the process will take about two weeks. As a permanent crown will have to be made, a temporary crown will be used in its place until it can be fitted.

Are there any risks from getting a dental crown?

While a dental crown helps protect the tooth and keep cavities at bay, it may harbor bacteria if not properly cared for. This is why your dentist must get rid of decay before applying the crown. Making sure you stick to a regular dental regimen and properly care for your oral health will be key in preventing any cavities. Dental crowns are a routine procedure performed by our practitioners, and there are usually no complications from it. Rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Do my dental crowns have to be replaced?

Dental crowns are made to last and, with proper care, can last between 5 to 8 years. Practicing good dental hygiene and avoiding hard foods can help in the longevity of your dental crown.

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