Dental Bridges in North Branch and Caro, MI
Dental Bridges in North Branch and Caro, MI

If you need dental bridges in North Branch and Caro, MI, look no further than Thumbs Up Dental. Dental bridges are used to fix gaps from missing teeth. They are an alternative solution to dental implants procedure and provide great results, especially if you’re missing multiple teeth.

How is a dental bridge used?

A dental bridge uses a pontic tooth (fake tooth) to replace one or more missing teeth. A pontic tooth is typically made of either metal alloys, porcelain, or a combination of both. It is meant to act as a placeholder to keep the natural tooth from shifting into the space left by missing teeth. The dental bridge will be attached to the natural teeth on both sides of the gap.

Do I need a dental bridge?

While there are alternative procedures like dental implants, a dental bridge is often recommended as it is a less invasive procedure that gives you a fuller smile and restores functionality. Common issues that come with missing teeth are trouble chewing and speech impairment. A dental bridge can help resolve some of these issues.

How does a dental bridge procedure work?

Before making a dental bridge, you will undergo a dental examination, so your dentist can better assess your oral situation and go through your options with you. The material used for your dental bridge will depend on your individual needs. You will be given local anesthesia, and a dental imprint will be used to create a mold. The mold will then be sent off and used to make your dental bridge. This process will take approximately two weeks, and a temporary bridge will be used until the permanent bridge is ready to be fitted.

Dental bridge post-care.

It’s normal to experience some pain or soreness after the procedure. Painkillers may be prescribed depending on the situation, and it is recommended that you avoid eating hard or chewy foods following the procedure. Dental bridges usually do not come with any complications, and patients are generally back to their routine within a few days following the procedure.

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