Botox Treatment in North Branch and Caro, MI | Botox Dentist
Botox Treatment in North Branch and Caro, MI | Botox Dentist

You may have heard from friends, family members, or co-workers that BOTOX®️ treatment is now available from some dental clinics, which may have caused you to search online for “BOTOX near me.” If so, we’re happy to let our patients know that Dr. Fathi at Thumbs Up Dental can provide BOTOX dental treatments in North Branch and Caro from the comfort and convenience of our dental clinic.

Benefits of BOTOX from our Dentist

One of the things that our patients appreciate the most about BOTOX from Thumbs Up Dental is that they don’t have to travel to a dermatologist for treatment. Instead, they can receive BOTOX and fillers while receiving our other comprehensive dental care.

Imagine visiting our office for cosmetic tooth whitening and being able to receive BOTOX for your frown lines during the same appointment. Other benefits of choosing BOTOX include treatment such as BOTOX for migraines and BOTOX for TMJ.

By choosing to receive treatment at our dental clinic, patients won’t have to worry about their vehicle being seen at BOTOX clinics which could cause your friends, family members, and co-workers to speculate on what cosmetic treatments you are receiving. Instead, they will see your vehicle parked at our dental clinic and think nothing of your BOTOX treatment.

A Smile Does Not End with Beautiful Teeth

Our goal at Thumbs Up Dental is to provide our patients with a smile they can be proud of. But a beautiful smile does not end with beautiful teeth! Suppose you’re concerned about crow’s feet, marionette lines, or facial pain from tooth grinding; BOTOX is a perfect way to ensure that your smile is as beautiful while providing additional benefits when needed!

Getting Botox in North Branch and Caro

Whether you have questions about BOTOX price or how treatment can be used in cosmetic dentistry or therapeutic dentistry, we invite you to explore its many benefits by scheduling a BOTOX consultation with us today.

Our Caro dentist will also be happy to answer your questions about the benefits of BOTOX during other procedures we provide, such as comprehensive exams, preventive and cosmetic dentistry, and more.