What Type of Night Guard Is Best for Clenching?

What Type of Night Guard Is Best for Clenching?

August 1, 2022

Severe bruxism can cause earache, loss of teeth, and tooth sensitivity. This is why our dentist in North Branch recommends wearing a night guard when you sleep. This will reduce teeth clenching and reverse the negative effects of bruxism.

There are different types of night guards for teeth clenching, and we will help you choose the most suitable night guard for your teeth.

What Causes Clenching of Teeth?

Sleep bruxism is a sleep-related disorder, and people with this disorder can also have sleep apnea and snore while asleep. However, mild bruxism does not require treatment and can clear through wearing a night guard.

Several factors can cause clenching of teeth. First, the most common cause of teeth grinding is anxiety and stress. When your stress levels are high when you sleep, you can involuntarily clench your teeth. However, you can develop severe bruxism if the anxiety and stress are prolonged.

Another cause of teeth clenching is drinking lots of alcohol or drugs like ecstasy and cocaine. These drugs can make you experience hallucinations and increase your stress and anxiety levels leading to teeth clenching.

Sleep paralysis and obstructive sleep apnea can also cause clenching of teeth. Sleep apnea causes your respiratory and heart rate to increase, and this increases your muscle activity. This increased muscle activity leads to teeth grinding.

There are symptoms associated with teeth clenching and bruxism. First, bruxism can lead to wearing out of your tooth enamel as you clench your teeth, eroding your teeth’ surfaces.

On top of that, if you experience discomfort when you drink hot or cold beverages, this might be a symptom of clenching teeth at night.

Have you woken up, felt pain in your jaw, and felt your jaw muscles tight? Then this might be a result of teeth clenching. When this is the case, it is recommended to look for treatment for teeth clenching as soon as possible.

Everyone desires to sleep through the night, but this can be stressful when your sleep is disrupted at intervals. Bruxism can cause sleep disruption as you might experience tooth pain and a dull headache in your temples.

Persistent teeth clenching can cause damage to your teeth, leaving them chipped or loose. So this is another thing that you should look out for.

What Are the Different Types of Night Guards Used for Clenching?

There are different types of night guards used for teeth clenching. They include over-the-counter night guards, flat plane occlusal guards, and custom-fit night guards.

  • Custom Fit Night Guards

Custom-fit night guards provide the patient with a more personalized solution. When you go for bruxism treatment, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth and make a durable and comfortable night guard.

There are three varieties of custom-fit night guards. A soft night guard is one of them. This type is made from rubbery, flexible materials for people with mild or moderate teeth clenching problems.

The second is hard night guards. This type is made from firmer plastic and can withstand severe teeth grinding problems.
The other type of custom-fit night guard is a hybrid night guard. This night guard is also known as a dual-laminate night guard. This appliance is made with a soft inner core and a harder outer layer to provide the patient with comfort. Dual-laminate night guards are made for people with severe teeth clenching problems.

  • Flat Plane Occlusal Guards

This type of guard is also known as flat splints or bite guards. It is recommended for patients with bruxism caused by a bad bite or malocclusion. Flat plane occlusal guards have a flat plane that protects the upper and lower teeth from teeth clenching damage.

  • Over-The-Counter Night Guards

Over-the-counter night guards can be found in your sports or local drug stores. However, these guards are not as comfortable as the custom-made ones and can easily get damaged as they are made with less durable materials.

Getting Night Guards at Thumbs Up Dental

We have discussed the symptoms of teeth clenching, and don’t let them disrupt your sleep. Instead, head to our dental office, and our dentists will look at your teeth, fix them and make a night guard that will fix your teeth clenching problem.