How Painful Is Getting Dentures?

How Painful Is Getting Dentures?

September 16, 2022

If you have lost or harshly damaged teeth needing extractions and favor getting dentures to replace your missing teeth, you might think the process of getting your replacement teeth is just as painful as having them extracted. You might even consider living with missing teeth with your misconception about pain when getting dentures.

Whether you need partials or full dentures in Caro, MI, it helps if you understand getting dentures is entirely painless unless you intend to receive implant-supported dentures from having a realistic prosthetic for your natural teeth. In reality, you experience more discomfort and embarrassment living without teeth than going through the process of getting dentures.

Living life without teeth impacts you in several ways. Besides having no teeth or a couple missing and confronting emotional pain when trying to speak or socialize with your friends, you also encounter challenges eating the foods you love, along with problems with indigestion because you are compelled to swallow large chunks of food.

In addition, any remaining teeth in your mouth started drifting towards the edentulous gaps between your teeth to create misalignments with your bite. Finally, if left untreated, you may soon need orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked teeth, bringing you financial pain.

Instead of enduring all the above, you find it beneficial to overlook the pain of getting dentures and visit the dental office near you to inquire which option best suits your needs.

What Are the Best Type of Dentures?

The best type of dentures suitable for your situation depends on how many teeth you miss and their locations. Therefore, you must seek advice from the dental office to understand whether you can have partial and full dentures to overcome the emotional and aesthetic challenges you encounter besides other problems.

If you have a couple of missing teeth, the dentist recommends a denture option that best suits your needs. For example, you might receive a recommendation for having partial dentures without needing tooth extractions to make the process entirely painless.

However, you might experience minor discomfort after getting the prosthetics as your mouth becomes accustomed to an alien appliance. The minor pain you experience subsides quickly when you become used to the prosthetics.

Unfortunately, if most teeth are missing and you need tooth extractions to have a complete set of dentures, you will likely experience some discomfort from tooth removal after you have undergone the procedure. However, the tooth extraction will probably not cause any pain because you receive local anesthesia in the mouth to help prevent pain.

After tooth removal, you will experience soreness in the gums for some time as they heal to start your process of getting complete dentures.

Pain When Getting Dentures

Did you ever experience pain when having your pictures taken? Consider the process for getting dentures similar because you are merely required to deliver images of your teeth and mouth to a prosthodontist to fabricate a new set of artificial teeth. However, you might have to visit the dental office repeatedly to try out your dental prosthetics, ensuring that the professional creates a perfect fit for you. Besides the above, you must endure the pain of living with a toothless grin for a few days until you receive your complete or partial dentures from a professional.

Are Dentures As Good As Teeth?

No dental prosthetic can replace your natural teeth’ natural appearance and durability. The replacements are to restore your mouth’s functionality and aesthetic appearance, besides permitting you to have foods you love and lead a fruitful life. However, dentures will not disappoint you because they appear and function like your natural teeth without their durability.

Partial or complete dentures replacing your natural teeth are artificial restorations for your missing teeth and require you to use them with caution to ensure you don’t damage them. They also need replacements every five to seven years as your jawbone shrinks, making the prosthetics feel loose and needing adjustments.

In addition, dentures require removal from your mouth every night and cleaning similar to your natural teeth to give your gums some breathing space. However, after getting dentures to replace your missing teeth, you will soon find it comfortable to regain the confidence you lost, along with the ability to keep yourself nourished by having your favorite foods.

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