Can Dental Implants Be Done in One Day?

Can Dental Implants Be Done in One Day?

January 6, 2022

Have you lost a couple of teeth and are now displaying a less-than-perfect smile? You may wonder how you can restore your pearly whites. Perhaps you are not aware of the advances in dentistry that now allow you to replace your missing teeth in a day, relegating months of waiting to the background. If you want to restore your smile and have your pearly whites back again, we suggest you schedule a consultation with Thumbs up Dental to understand how you can achieve your goal.

Dentistry advances now make one-day dental implants that are pretty famous among many people. Do you think you need several months for the traditional implant process? You can receive your new smile on the same day if you get one-day dental implants embedded in your mouth. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Do you want to understand more about the one-day implant process?

What Are Same-Day Dental Implants?

Simply put, same-day dental implants near you are a convenient technique for getting a perfect smile within a day. Therefore instead of wasting time with your dentist waiting for your new teeth, you can have the dental implants embedded in your jawbone in merely one trip.

The Length of the Dental Implant Process

Traditional dental implants involve a lengthy process before you can have them embedded. Initially, you must have the diseased or infected tooth extracted and wait for months for the sockets to heal. After that, dental implants near you embeds the titanium post into your jawbone. You wait for 3-6 months to heal the socket. Finally, you can have your new tooth attached to the titanium post after you have recovered entirely from the surgical process. The entire procedure requires approximately six to ten months.

The Same Day Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant procedures for same-day implants are different and quicker. In reality, you must see your dentist about three times before you can have the implants embedded in your mouth. The first is for consultation, the second for the surgical procedure, and the third and eventual for a follow-up.

Same-day dental implants can embed in a single procedure in your jawbone requiring 30 minutes to three hours depending on the number of teeth you want to be replaced. However, you must note that you don’t receive your permanent teeth immediately after the surgery but will have your smile back soon after.

These implants are embedded surgically in your mouth. Therefore your gums require time to recover and heal. It indicates you cannot have dental crowns over the implanted post until your mouth has entirely healed. Thankfully you receive temporary teeth immediately to replace your temporary teeth a few months down the line. The same-day approach ensures you have temporary teeth to show your smile, but your permanent teeth arrive a few months later.

Same-day implant procedures do not mean you can receive your implants when you visit the aforementioned dental facility. You still need to go through three separate appointments before you can have the titanium posts embedded in your jawbone.

After-Care for Same Day Implants

Same-day dental implants require similar care as your natural teeth. After implant surgery, you will likely experience some discomfort during the first week. Your dental Surgeon recommends prescription or over-the-counter painkillers to manage the pain. Immediately after implant placement, the surgeon recommends you don’t smoke or consume alcohol as they hinder the healing process. You must exist on soft foods until you complete the recovery.

Your new temporary teeth also need attention, like your natural teeth. It includes brushing and flossing them and ensuring plaque buildup doesn’t develop around them. However, caring for your same-day implants isn’t as challenging as you imagine and comfortably managed by maintaining proper oral hygiene.

After implant placement, you must avoid rinsing your mouth and try not disturbing the surgical site with your tongue or fingers. Any disturbances can cause bleeding to dislodge the blood clot. Restrict your activities on the day of the surgery because strenuous activities encourage bleeding. Following your dentist’s instructions helps you heal comfortably, displaying your new smile to everyone around you immediately after placing your dental implants.