Can a Temporary Bridge Be Placed Immediately After Tooth Extraction?

Can a Temporary Bridge Be Placed Immediately After Tooth Extraction?

March 15, 2023

Dental bridges are an excellent tooth replacement option. They restore your smile, confidence, facial shape, and ability to chew and talk. When you have a missing tooth, it is vital to replace it as soon as you can. Find out if dental bridges in Caro, MI, can restore your smile immediately after an extraction.

What Are Dental Bridges?

It is permanent artificial restoration dentists use to replace missing teeth. A bridge contains one or two dental crowns attached to an artificial tooth known as a pontic. The crown is attached to a tooth on either side of the gap for support and stability. Dental bridges are customized to fit in the hole of the missing tooth and appear natural.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are various types of dental bridges with different structures and properties. They are traditional, cantilever, Maryland bonded, and implant-supported bridges. Traditional bridges comprise artificial teeth held in place by two dental crowns. The crowns are placed on top of adjacent teeth to hold the bridge.

Implant-supported bridges are made from dental crowns attached to a titanium post. The post is surgically embedded into the jawbone, and the bridge is placed on top. This bridge type does not rely on teeth adjacent to the gap for support. Therefore, they remain unaffected during and after the procedure.

Cantilever bridges are ideal when no teeth are on one side of the gap. They are used to replace missing back teeth. Maryland bonded bridges do not use crowns to support artificial teeth. Instead, the replacement teeth are attached to a framework that holds them in position.

Dental bridges in Caro, MI, are made of various materials designed to fit in the socket of the missing tooth. They can be fabricated from porcelain or resin, which look like natural teeth in color. Bridges can also be made from metals or a combination of porcelain and metal. The latest types of bridges are made from zirconium and pressed ceramic.

Can I Get a Temporary Bridge Immediately After Tooth Extraction?

Yes, a temporary bridge can be placed immediately after tooth extraction. The dentist near you will fabricate the bridge prior to your extraction. Once they pull out the tooth, they apply antibacterial medications to the socket. This helps to prevent infections and promote healing. Finally, they will put the temporary bridge in place.

If you get implant-supported bridges, they will first fix the post into your jawbone. The small titanium metal will then support the bridge. However, this may not be possible if you have gum infections or poor oral health. It is because germs and debris can accumulate beneath the bridge resulting in infections. Therefore, the dentist will treat your oral health issues and fix the dental bridge.

Although the bridge can be placed right away after an extraction, there may be several challenges. For example, there is significant discomfort after an extraction. Your gums will be swollen, sore, and tender. Therefore, you will experience intense pain when the false tooth in the temporary bridge touches the gums.

Also, when the dentist places the bridge immediately after tooth removal, they will need to modify it when the swelling stops. This will ensure the bridge fits properly and feels comfortable in the mouth. Waiting until the swelling goes down can save you an extra visit to the dentist and some money.

Are There Other Immediate Teeth Replacement Options?

Most people do not want to remain toothless even for a day after undergoing tooth extraction. The dental team at Thumbs Up Dental –Caro provides immediate tooth replacement options. They can restore your smile with an immediate dental implant or denture placement. Both methods can replace several or a few extracted teeth.

The experts will place the post in your jawbone immediately after the extraction. Then they will attach a temporary crown to the implant right away. However, you must have healthy gums, excellent dental hygiene, and sufficient jawbone density.

The dentist can also replace the missing tooth or teeth with immediate dentures. These are prefabricated at the dental lab and then fitted in place after the extraction. The advantage of dentures is you can remove them to allow the swelling to go down and the gums to heal.